We work with and support Future Generation International Missions, Inc. (FGIM), a non-profit organization located in Jacmel, Haiti.

FGIM was founded by Pierre and Lorphine St Louis. Lorphine is a native of Haiti and knows poverty very well. She was once a restavek, and among those that she is currently helping. Her motivation is found in her own experience as a young girl. Lorphine’s parents immigrated to Florida and left her in Haiti as a young girl, along with her brother and sister. Living in a hostile environment, she often went to bed without food. As she grew older, she found her faith in God. In December of 2004, her mother surprised her by bringing her to live in Florida where in 2006 she met her husband, Pierre. The St. Louis’s desire to see the little girls living on the streets of Haiti removed from the day-to-day struggle of poverty and placed under a loving and nurturing environment they can call home.  The St. Louis’s now live in Haiti, operating a school and an orphanage housing 30 young girls; providing clothes, food, water and shelter to these orphaned children of Haiti. Their work provides hope and inspiration to over 400 families in the community by providing them basic needs like rice, beans, water, baby formula and clothes. Espwa Ministries partners to assist and work alongside FGIM, providing a loving environment to give these children a hope that will change their lives forever. Espwa Ministries supports this work by providing funding, supplies and sending teams to Haiti. A primary need is for the sponsorship of the children of FGIM’s Faith House Orphanage. If you would like to sponsor a child or provide other support, please visit our Projects page. You can be a part of this work through your donations and prayers. Thank you for investing in eternal things by providing a way to send hope. Espwa shines through Haiti because of your generosity.

Visit FGIM and learn how you can help provide the items they need to take care of the children of Haiti.