Helping Hands

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Helping Hands

As we wrap up our first full year at Espwaministries.org – we like to say a big ‘thank you!’… for all the helping hands throughout 2017. We started the year with prayers from friends who blessed our ministry. As we planned a mission trip where we would be taking another church to Haiti for the first time to work with some of our Espwa ministry partners in Haiti, we felt the prayers. The church group from Alabama was such a blessing to us and our friends in Haiti. Their helping hands brought so much hope and love to Haiti. The team worked hard on a construction site, a ‘tent city’ ministry, and kid’s bible clubs. The group also served at the Mother Teresa Hospital in Jacmel. Their hands that held sick babies, orphaned toddlers… fingers that wrapped around little hands that sent a spark of love and hope in little babies, as we prayed over them was a blessing to witness. We also thank helping hands that came in the form of creative ideas to start a Green Egg BBQ cooking contest that provided more support for education and resources needed in Haiti. Helping hands continued to show Gods love and hope for the future with food distributions and support for our friends in Haiti to meet various needs. We ended the year with our 2nd Low Country Boil at our Christmas fundraiser to help provide for our 2018 ministry. One of which is to support the drilling of a clean water well for one of our friends moving to Haiti, in an area where clean water is hard to access. Thanks to all the helping hands that collected donations & auction items, provided & cooked food, prepared-decorated-cleaned, and worked the merchandise table…We thank you so much! Thank you, to the helping hands that came out on a cold windy night to give to Haiti, which was such a blessing. The helping hands who showed love through stories, music and sharing in various ways to show their support of Espwa… truly made it a beautiful night of love and hope. We thank all those who share in our vision for a hope and future for the kids in Haiti to grow in God’s love and see God’s glory revealed in their life. We look forward to 2018 to see where God will lead us with more helping hands… to share in Espwa ministries work. Thanks again and God bless to all who have helped, in any way to support Espwa . Me’si Beaucoup ❤️ Cheri

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