The Chair

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IMG_5590[3793]The Chair


We were informed of the need for chairs by the New Perspectives Church in Haiti. We thought about the cost of the chairs and were curious about such a request when the money spent for chairs could be used on food for a hungry belly or education for a child. Nevertheless, the need at this time was chairs and we promptly responded to this need of our dear friends in Haiti. 

 A few months later when we were in Haiti, we saw the chairs being delivered and used as people from the community came into the church service that Sunday morning. One by one, the chairs were set out and one by one they were filled. Men, women and children sat to hear the music and worship the one true God. It was like a lightning bolt rushed through my mind as I was watched all the people taking their seat to worship. The chairs made it possible to feed the hungry soul that was craving a Word to fill their spirit. These sweet people of the Church were getting a spiritual education, which is far more significant than anything else we could do. 

 The church gives the Hope of Christ. Espwa does mean HOPE in Creole and that is exactly why we exist- to spread hope. 

 The chair allowed a person to sit, just like we do in America when we come to church. If we don’t have a place to sit, then we are more likely to leave. Not having extra seats available would mean not accommodating more people to hear God’s word of love. It is much appreciated by all to sit in a comfortable chair. God forgive me for taking a chair for granted. The chair represented a beautiful soul who made an effort to come and hear God’s word. The chair represented a unique human need was met; that there was a place for me. Someone cared enough to provide a place to sit and there was room for me. The chair is just another representation of respect and dignity. I thank God for the donations that made it possible to buy those chairs for this church in Haiti. I pray that each Sunday they will be filled with souls that long for something more than this world will ever offer. 


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