Why Haiti?

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Over the years the question that I get asked the most is why do you go to Haiti? Can you really make a difference in a country with so many problems? I always think to myself if only you could go and see for yourself. God commands us all to go and tell others about him. He sent His son Jesus to be the example for all human beings to follow.  We go to serve and show love, kindness and mercy to the people we meet, wherever we end up.  Jesus commands us to love one another. He showed us time and again that every life matters. He taught us when people are hungry we need to feed them, when people are sick we should help them, when they are sad and lonely we should comfort them. Haiti has great need because of poverty and lack of help from the government. There is no safety net for the poor, the widows, and the orphans. There is no social security or food stamps. Most local organizations and churches have as many needs as the people so they can’t offer much.  The Haitian people have learned to rely on one another. They actually live in community. It is refreshing to see the community spirit even in the most impoverished circumstances. When children are helping younger children, people helping people, multiple families living together in very humble circumstances and can still smile it gives me hope for a better world in my neighborhood in some crazy way. Only God knows the difference we are making in the communities we serve in and with the people we encounter. I pray the seeds of hope we have planted over the years will help Haitians see God’s love through our ministry.



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Haiti is a beautiful country but there are many people in need. God gave me the desire to step out of my comfort zone many years ago. By stepping out, my perspective of the world that I knew changed. I saw firsthand what life is like for many living in a third world country. I began to understand the thought; that when much is given there is a responsibility to give back. I hear often about how Americans have the same problems, so why not stay here?  Yes, in some areas they do, but Americans have a safety net filled with government and social institutions to help overcome these problems. How can we ever have a change in perspective if all we know is centered on living in a wealthy country or looking at the world through a ten minute bias news cycle? People need to get out of their comfort zone and be the hands and feet of God. God expects that of his children. God loves me and I love Him so that is why I go. My question to anyone who will listen … Why not Haiti? Why not go to the poorest country in the western hemisphere, where help is clearly needed?




By: Cheri Burnett

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  • Liz Whyard says:

    Beautifully said Cheri!! God bless your ministry and all that serve in His name and also the beautiful people of Haitti!

  • Jeanne Combs says:

    Cheri, I am so proud of your family for all you do for the people of Haiti. The look on your faces with the children all around you. They must feel lots of love, I thought it was great that the Company Kory is working for letting him off even tho his employment was short. Not all companies. I wise I had done some of this type of mission work before I had to start using this Hoverround since I am not able to walk now. Ray said we wouldn’t get much done if it was he take a step and drag Jeanne. We can”t do what you & your children do but we can send a donation.
    By the way James is really cute. I love his name!
    By the way send me your address so I can send the donation.

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